871.00/1–1748: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Romania


47. Dept thinking in regard to recognition changes Rum constitutional structure (urtel 38 Jan 9 and previous1) premised 1) on desirability maintain Leg Bucharest for purposes set forth publicly when your appointment announced,2 2) our wish to minimize implications our acceptance developments which could be exploited Soviet advantage. [Page 289] In our view your acknowledgment FonOff note followed by conduct normal relations between Leg and Rumanian People’s Republic satisfactorily accomplishes transition within above concept and we consequently do not contemplate initiating further action at this time.

If Bums indicate new credentials desired, we will give further consideration compliance such request. Meanwhile, if asked publicly Dept will say that US Govt is continuing relations with Rum Govt with a view to following developments in Rum, protecting American interests there, and as manifestation its concern for welfare of Rum people.

As regards assumption by new regime of obligations predecessor, Dept prepared forego opportunity seek specific commitment this connection. Responsibilities of successor Govt for obligations predecessors established international law. Record authorities in power does not suggest that sufficient practical weight would be given by them to affirmation this nature as to effect materially their current disregard formal obligations which conflict their totalitarian objectives.

In response to inquiry, Dept informing Brit Amb Washington its views on above.

Sent Bucharest, rptd London, Moscow and Bern.

  1. In a note of January 3, 1948, to the Legation in Bucharest, not printed, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Romanian Chamber of Deputies had, on December 30, 1947, taken note of the abdication of King Michael I of Romania that same day and had voted a law by which Romania had been declared a Popular Republic. Telegram 9, January 6, to Bucharest, not printed, authorized the Legation to acknowledge the Romanian note of January 3 and in the absence of new developments to carry on relations with the Romanian Government as before (871.00/1–448).
  2. In a statement to the press on August 3, 1947, Department of State Bulletin, August 3, 1947, p. 229, the Department of State stated that the nomination of Rudolf E. Schoenfeld as Minister to Romania did not imply consent to recent actions of the Romanian Government