868.01/1–1048: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Greece


92. Grk Emb has officially informed Dept that Grks do not intend to take further action on protest to Yugos which latter rejected (Belgrade tel 44,1 rptd Athens, Salonika, London, Paris and Sofia). You may inform Grk FonOff that current Grk position this matter accords with Dept’s views. We consider no useful purpose would be served by pursuing this particular protest without further evidence that would bolster Grk argument which in original form appears weak.

Grk Emb has also stated that Grk Govt will not hereafter accept any protest except on routine matters from Yugoslav Chargé in Athens.

  1. Dated January 10, 8 p. m., not printed; it reported that an officer of the Yugoslav Foreign Office had handed back to the Greek Chargé as “non-receivable” a note in which the Greek Government had protested the extension of press and radio facilities by the Yugoslav Government for dissemination of General Markos’ proclamations (868.01/1–1048).