501.BB Balkan/6–248: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Mr. Arthur W. Parsons,1 at Geneva


664. Balgen 15. Your impression (Genbal 4)2 that most delegates willing leave substantive recommendations to GA noted but as moral sanctions have been discussed informally (Geneva 5263 and Genbal 34) Dept deems timely inform you we oppose UNSCOB recommendation for GA action barring Yugoslavia from positions of honor in UN while present policy continues.

We consider it highly desirable for UNSCOB prestige in possible future activities that its initiatives be such as GA may underwrite, and improbable that this action, to which we ourselves have certain objections both in principle and in practice, would be resolved upon save in event GA finds emergency before it more grave than now appears likely.

Repeated to Salonika as Balcom 177.

  1. Acting Deputy U.S. Representative on the United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans.
  2. Identified also as telegram 581, May 20, 4 p. m., from Geneva, not printed.
  3. Dated May 7, not printed.
  4. Identified also as telegram 560, May 14, 4 p. m., from Geneva; it noted that in informal discussions among the delegates, suggestions had been made “barring Albania and Bulgaria from UN membership, barring use UN secretariat as propaganda agency for broadcasting Albanian and Bulgarian charges when these transmitted ‘for information only’, barring Yugo from positions of honor in UN while present policy continues.” (501.BB Balkan/5–1448)