501.BB Balkan/1–348: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the united States Representative on the United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans (Kirk),2 at Salonika


2. Balcom 63. Dept considers UNSCOB resolution useful as warning and as basis possible future action. (Urtel Combal 503)

Pending further major developments most helpful role of UNSCOB will be compilation authentic and probative evidence re aid furnished Markos4 by foreign sources. Hope committee will make every effort this regard even before arrival full observer personnel and equipment. Personnel and eqpt will be available soon if Army permits USAGG to transfer to UNSCOB matériel already in Greece. You will be advised shortly decision concerning eqpt.

If Albania, Bulgaria or Yugoslavia should recognize Markos junta (Dept seeks to avoid use of word Government) as insurgents, belligerents or government, you should propose or support resolution stating this action directly contrary to General Assembly resolution.5 If, in addition to recognition, there is evidence of continuing or increased aid to junta, any UNSCOB finding that such aid constitutes aggression or other Charter violation must involve not only question of fact on basis evidence collected but also careful consideration consequences under Charter. Therefore, in order insure tactical freedom action within UN and to correlate US position in UNSCOB with US policy [Page 223] as ultimately developed Dept would like opportunity to study text any resolution concerning recognition plus assistance before final adoption by UNSCOB.

If UNSCOB obtains clear evidence that aid by Alb, Bulg or Yugo is increasing, but not accompanied by recognition, you should propose that full report of facts be made at once to Syg of UN with request he transmit it to member states. In this case Dept would prefer committee refrain from specific recommendations thus permitting flexibility of action to be followed.

Sent Salonika 2 as Balcom 63; rptd to Athens 5, London 15, Belgrade 4, Sofia 3.

  1. Adm. Alan G. Kirk, U.S.N., whose regular position was that of Ambassador to Belgium.
  2. This undated communication is identified also as an unnumbered telegram from Salonika, which was received in the Department on December 30, 1947. It gave the text of a Brazilian resolution unanimously voted by UNSCOB, as follows: “The Committee is of the opinion that a recognition, even de facto, of the movement describing itself as the ‘provisional democratic Greek Government’, followed by direct or indirect aid and assistance to this insurrectionary movement against the government of a member of the United Nations in defiance of international law, peace treaties and the principles of the charter, would constitute a grave threat to the ‘maintenance of international peace and security’.” (501.BB Balkan/12–3047)
  3. Markos Vafiades, President and Minister of War in the “First Provisional Democratic Government of Free Greece”.
  4. October 21, 1947; for information on the resolution, numbered 109 (II), see editorial note, Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. v, p. 888.