840.00/5–548: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


2394. Teitgen1 is pleased with the result of the recent military conversations at London. As told to me, “a four story edifice was set up. On the top floor are the National Defense Ministers; the third floor has the Chiefs of Staff; the second floor, the Ambassador’s Committee at London with a permanent Secretariat under a Dutch secretary; the first floor, committee of special military representatives at London under an English secretary”.

They would like to have an American observer on that committee. The special committee has been instructed to draw up reports along the lines of Lovett’s advice to the British and French Ambassadors at Washington, using similar methods to those employed for the Marshall Plan (setting out what they have and what they need).

Sent Department 2394; repeated London 352; Brussels 57; Hague 23.

  1. Pierre Henri Teitgen, French Minister of Armed Forces.