Editorial Note

The Deputies for the Italian Colonies of the Council of Foreign Ministers met thirty times from February 2 to August 31, 1948 at Lancaster House in London to continue the discussion of the disposition of the former Italian Colonies. The British Deputy was Sir Noel Hughes Havelock Charles, former Ambassador to Italy; the French Deputy—René Massigli, Ambassador in the United Kingdom; the Soviet Deputy—Georgy Nikolaevich Zarubin, Ambassador in the United Kingdom; and the United States Alternate Deputy—Waldemar J. Gallman, Counselor of Embassy in the United Kingdom. In June Gallman was recalled to Washington in preparation for his appointment as Ambassador to Poland, effective July 7, 1948. Ambassador Lewis W. Douglas replaced Gallman, with John E. Utter, United States Representative on the Field Investigation Commission, occasionally acting as United States Deputy in Douglas’ absence. Documentation on the meetings including the minutes and records of decisions of the Deputies is in Lot M–88, Box 111. The telegraphic reports of the meetings are in file 865.014.