811.2365/11–2847: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy

top secret
us urgent

2482. For the Ambassador. Decision set forth Deptel 2473 Nov 281 taken on basis National Security Council recommendations approved by President2 for support Ital Govt during next few crucial months, copy of which being sent you by courier. Upon receipt please cable your comments or suggestions soonest.

In informing De Gasperi above decision, you shd say this action may possibly result in few days’ delay troop withdrawal beyond treaty date, owning logistic difficulties, and we expect therefore Ital Govt will accept this notification as justification thereof if delay materializes.

You shd add that while we have been glad comply with De Gasperi’s request in this instance, we are wondering what contingencies he envisages after Dec 15 (ref Willems msg from London3) and what Ital Govt’s plans may be for coping with situation.

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  3. The message from London from Col. John M. Willems, Military Attaché of the Embassy in Italy, has not been identified.