840.50 Recovery/8–549: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy


2301. If Itals still pressing for public announcement jointly with AMG (reurtel 3353 Aug 11,1 3294 Aug 5,2 and 3132–A, Jul 222) suggest text along lines following draft, to be released upon admission Trieste to OEEC: “Upon this occasion of admission of UK–US Zone, FTT to membership in OEEC, Command of Zone and Ital Govt reaffirm their policy of close and continual consultation on matters of mutual interest in economic field. Ital and UK–US Zone at present drawn together in one currency area and function under same foreign exchange and customs regimes, and economic programs of UK–US Zone relating to currency, foreign exchange and trade are matters of interest to Ital. Activities of UK–US Zone, in connection with ERP upon which the Zone now embarking, will raise numerous questions in abovementioned fields and will call for continual consultation with Ital Govt as recovery program of Zone is formulated and carried out.”

Brit concur foregoing subject drafting changes. Unnecessary refer Ital Govt and AMG changes Dept if substance remains unaltered but they should avoid giving unwarranted opportunity for further Yugo charges.

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