840.50 Recovery/1–3048: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


542. With reference my 30 [301], January 17,1 Marjolin has conveyed to me following observations regarding CEEC activities:

Franco-British discussion in Rome and Bern followed outline transmitted mytel under reference.
General position taken by Swiss was a) that they intended to participate in multilateral organization; b) that due to the fact that [Page 378] Switzerland would not be a recipient country, their “special position” should be recognized, and c) that government would submit to the Federal Council question of Swiss representation on working party to draft constitution and setup of the multilateral organization.
Italians were very responsive and anxious to go ahead with a vigorous program at this time. No decision regarding constitution of working party or scope of its responsibilities will be reached until there has been consultation with additional countries. Franco-British team will go to The Hague to meet with Benelux countries at beginning of next week but due to fact that Scandinavian countries are now consulting among themselves, it is not planned for team to go to Scandinavia until around the middle of February. It appears unlikely therefore that working party will be organized until towards end of February. No replies have been received from those countries whose views were requested through diplomatic channels.
French and British have somewhat different views on two questions. Relative to size of working party, French, in interest of working efficiency, would prefer a small group composed of French, British, Swiss, Italians, Benelux and Scandinavian representatives. British appear to favor inviting each of the 16 countries to participate in this work. Secondly, French envisage multilateral organization as one composed of an assembly of representatives 16 nations to act on policy matters with a strong executive (secretary general or executive director) to direct and supervise both administrative, technical and operational work. British seem to prefer an Assembly organized along the lines of the UN Assembly with subordinate commissions or committees and with secretariat limited to purely administrative functions.
It is believed that during next two weeks individual country reports of United Kingdom, France and Italy will have been completed.

Copies by pouch to London, Rome and Bern.

  1. Telegram 301, not printed, but see telegram 320 from Rome, January 23, p. 373.