501.BD Europe/1–1348: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva (Troutman) to the Secretary of State


18. From Porter. Myrdal1 today informed me of probable French position as given him by French source concerning Alphand–Marjolin2 talks this week with Franks3 and Hall-Patch. Anticipated French Government will propose small permanent CEEC staff 20–25 persons in Paris headed by Marjolin. Functions this staff would be:

Provide channel between individual countries and US recovery administration with aim establishing collective rather than direct US supervision of individual country programs.
Coordinate individual country requests for particular commodities.
Follow progress national commitments concerning production exports etc. undertaken at Paris conference or subsequently and report to US.
Assist general coordination economic plans and negotiations between participating countries. Subordinate technical committees not [Page 363] contemplated since reported French view favors ECE technical committee instead. French source doubts calling March 18 steel conference contemplated in Paris report, believing ECE steel subcommittee would be preferable alternative.

Bidault expected to make public statement soon on progress European economic cooperation noting ECE work in recent months.

Sent Department as 18, repeated London as 1, Paris 1. [Porter.]

  1. Paul R. Porter, Deputy U.S. Representative and Chief of Mission, Office of U.S. Representative to the Economic Commission for Europe at Geneva. Gunnar Myrdal, Executive Secretary, Economic Commission for Europe.
  2. Robert Marjolin, Adjunct Commissioner General, French Reequipment and Modernization Plan.
  3. Sir Oliver Franks headed the CEEC Mission to the United States in the fall of 1947. For documentation, see Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. iii, pp. 338470, passim.