840.50 Recovery/1–1348: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman) to the Secretary of State


122. 1. Special committee of Socialist information and liaison office (i.e. Socialist Int’l) which met London January 10–11 decided convene conference of Socialists Parties Marshall Plan countries to discuss ERP and endorse principle of American aid. British Labor and French Socialists Parties will sponsor conference scheduled London March 21. Italian (Nenni) and Swiss Socialists, who oppose Marshall Plan, will probably reject invitation, while Greek (Svolos) Socialists are not likely to be given [garble] by Greek Government.

2. Decision to convene this conference urged at Antwerp in December was opposed at that time by British Labor but Bevin last week gave Labor Party go-ahead signal.

3. Since break-down CFM conference1 evidence is piling up that British Labor movement no longer intends take Cominform challenge and anti-British and anti-Socialist attacks lying down. In December Morgan Phillips2 replied to Britain’s Communist Party declaration of war against Labor Government; on New Year’s Attlee3 broadcast an attack on Russia and Communism, and last week-end Morrison4 [Page 362] continued this attack in his Leicester speech. Britain’s Trade Union Congress will convene Int’l Trade Union Conference on Marshall Plan shortly after WFTU meeting in February; and now British Labor Party has formally thrown its support behind Marshall Plan. These all indicate British Labor movement rapidly shifting from policy of “appeasement” to more vigorous defence British interests.

4. Healey, Director Labor Party International Department, does not think Socialist Marshall Plan conference will divide Socialist Int’l unless Communists force Eastern European Socialists to break their connections with western parties. There is evidence Communists are beginning exert such pressure. Next general conference Socialist Int’l fixed Vienna June 4–7.

5. Schumacher5 attended London January 10–11 conference as full member and was given friendly welcome. London conference also condemned Franco Spain military court for passing sentences on Spanish Socialists.

Copy by pouch for Paris, Moscow and Rome.

  1. For documentation, see Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. ii, pp. 1 ff.
  2. General Secretary of the British Labor Party.
  3. Clement R. Attlee, British Prime Minister.
  4. Herbert Morrison, Lord President of the Council in the British Cabinet.
  5. Kurt Schumacher, German S.P.D. party leader.