740.00119 Control (Germany)/3–2048: Telegram

The United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy) to the Secretary of State


647. Personal for Saltzman and Hickerson. My 532, March 9, and Army’s instruction to General Clay re Berlin discussions on German problems as agreed at London meeting.1

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General Clay and I met with UK and French opposite numbers today2 and agreed on following agenda.

To study arrangements for a close association between the Military Governors and the representatives of the Benelux countries in Germany.
Measures to improve economic cooperation between the Bizonal area and French zone for example, in regard to (A) circulation of persons and trade and (B) foreign trade.
The study of arrangements which have been made for the administration (German and Allied) of Bizonal area with view to exploring possibilities of fusion of French zone with Bizonal area.
To examine the practical application of possible fusion mentioned in paragraph 3 affecting the Allied partners to the fusion.
To continue discussions undertaken at London on future political organization of western Germany as set out in document TRI/4.3
To study question of safeguarding rights of foreign owners of coal and steel industries in Ruhr and elsewhere in Germany.

UK requested that appropriate opportunity for consultation be afforded Berlin military missions of the Dominions. US representative agreed but General Koenig stated it would be necessary for him to consult Paris.

It was agreed that proceedings would be kept confidential hut that the Military Governors would be authorized to give to the press such off-the-record and background information as they might in their discretion deem desirable and necessary.

Working groups were designated to handle the several items on the agenda. It was decided that they would submit their preliminary reports by March 31 and final reports on April 9. Military Governors will then make final report April 10 to 15.

A letter was received from the Chief of the Belgian mission requesting to be advised of the date and agenda of meetings and indicating that he expected that Belgian representatives would participate fully in discussions. It was agreed that the chairman would send a joint reply enclosing a copy of agenda and expressing the hope that a Belgian representative would meet with the Military Governors to present Belgian views on items (1), (5), and (6) of the agenda. It was decided that the first meeting with Benelux representatives and the [Page 150] Military Governors would be held March 23. By agreement, General Robertson took the chair today and will continue as chairman throughout the sessions.

Sent Department as 647, repeated London 81, Paris as 108, Brussels as 24, The Hague as 6.

  1. The Department of the Army instructions to General Clay are quoted in telegram 450, March 15, to Berlin, supra. Telegram 532, March 9, from Berlin, is not printed, but see footnote 1 to telegram 450 to Berlin.
  2. This was the first of four formal meetings of the Military Governor’s Conference at Berlin. Subsequent formal conference meetings were held on March 23, April 1, and April 12. Minutes of these meetings are included in Lot M–88, Box 120, File—MGC Minutes. For the Final Report of the Conference, document MGC/P (48) 16, April 14, see p. 181. Participating at this first meeting were: United States—General Clay and Ambassador Murphy; United Kingdom—General Robertson and Christopher Steel; France—General Koenig and Tarbé de St. Hardouin. The second, third and fourth formal meetings of the Conference were also attended by Lieutenant General Goethals for Belgium, Major General Huender for the Netherlands, and Colonel Wehrer for Luxembourg.
  3. The substance of the document under reference was reported upon in telegram 894, Delsec 1616, March 5, from London, p. 131.