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811.79663/9–1348: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Austria (Keyes) to the Secretary of State


P–2399. Further to our P–2295 dated 18 August,1 received here during the last two weeks three different letters of protest2 from Soviets regarding alleged violations by United States aircraft over Vienna–Praha corridor. Each letter of protest covered 15 day period and contained approximately 18 alleged violations. Conference held between chiefs United States and Soviet air divisions in effort to determine exact times and places of violations. As result Soviets submitted list of times of alleged violations which was carefully checked against actual flights made by US aircraft. Results indicate Soviets do not have accurate means of determining United States flights over Praha–Vienna corridor and that list of alleged violations included “approved”, “disapproved” and “urgent missions”, as well as flights which did not use Praha–Vienna corridor but which flew Vienna-Linz corridor. Apparently Soviets attempting to establish record of alleged violations for some reason, as yet undetermined. Answer being sent in reply to “violation” letters to the effect that, after carefully checking [Page 1437]data submitted by Soviets against records of United States aircraft flights made during the period indicated, United States aircraft were not involved. Further, the reply will state that United States aircraft are flying and will continue to fly strictly in accordance with the provisions of existing agreement for air traffic, over the occupied zones of Austria, ALCO/P(46) 87,3 Will advise you any further developments.

[ Keyes ]
  1. Not printed.
  2. None found in Department files.
  3. Not printed; the text of this agreement can be found in Allied Commission for Austria, A Handbook (Vienna, n.d.), pp. 38–39.