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740–00119 Control (Austria)/6–2548: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria


563. For Erhardt and Keyes. Recent events in Austria have accentuated different of approach among occupation powers reported in urtel 703, June 3,1 concerning Béthouart’s proposal now explained by Paris 3321, June 23; urtel 764, June 17,2 concerning Brit fears that Austrian action may isolate fourth element and London’s 2779, June 243 on provocative nature of Austrian policy. We concur completely with your recommendations and with views expressed by (general Keyes to Galloway in P–1997, June 19.4 No break can be made in consistent policy of opposing all encroachments by Soviets on Austrian sovereignty and no indication given that Austria does not enjoy full support of Western Powers in maintaining its national independence and personal security of members of its Govt. We consider that AC is at this time most effective place where protest can be made and that Austrian Govt should be encouraged to take initiative in order to strengthen its position with Austrian people.

In protesting Soviet activities and in formulating policy Austrians should proceed with caution and ascertain extent of joint support which can be given by Western States. Gruber should be so advised in order that Austrian Govt policy may utilize maximum support of Western States but avoid action to which Western States cannot give full support.

Sent to Vienna as 563, repeated to London as 2419 and Paris as 2315 adding you may use foregoing in discussion at FonOff.

  1. Ante, p. 1401.
  2. Telegram 3321, not printed; it reported that Béthouart’s proposal was his own and did not reflect French policy (863.00S/6–2348). Telegram 764 is printed ante, p. 1424.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Not printed; in it Keyes reported that he also felt that uncontrolled Austrian attacks on the Soviet Element were undesirable, but pointed out that the Western Powers were frequently reluctant to raise issues which the Austrian Government had not already protested (740.00119 Control (Austria)/6–1048).