840.811/10–748: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria


858. Urtel 1134 Oct 7.1 Authority hereby given negotiate exit Austrian or German vessels US Zone eastward and for entry eastern vessels US Zone in individual cases where overall advantages outweigh in agreement with USFA, ECA, Legation, and OMGUS where German vessels or use of German Danube involved. Fundamental principle of desirability of reciprocal bilateral agreements remains. Understood authority will be used only in exceptional cases where agreement exists American agencies concerned to advantages for Austrian economy or ECA purposes. Continued consultation and agreement Austrian Govt highly desirable without granting it veto power. Army cabling USFA OMGUS.

Desire Austrian vessels participate but should external assets issue present complications US would not wish delay possibility traffic resumption [Page 1411] pending settlement Austrian treaty if other vessels available negotiating purposes.

Considerable care should be exercised that no action be taken involving actual or implied recognition validity Danube Convention adopted Aug. 18, 19482 Belgrade or any Commission or body created under it as US expressed policy remains recognition of continued validity 1921 convention.3

  1. Not printed.
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