661.6331/2–1248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria


187. Dept agrees that delay of any USIA discussions essential pending outcome London sessions (reurtel 174, Feb 121). It is possible that present inefficient state of USIA operations may have contributed to Sov desire to conclude treaty, if such desire does exist. However desirable integration of the USIA units into Austrian system may be, serious risks involved in any de facto arrangement before the legal or treaty points cleared up.

Much the same considerations against conclusion Aust-Sov trade, agreements at this time, although no objection to exploratory talks. Austrian trade with Eastern Europe under ERP envisaged with reference mainly to Polish coal and trade with Danube valley for food and raw materials. Trade with USSR considered desirable to extent it contributes to European recovery and does not result in critical Austrian dependence on USSR.

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