840.50 Recovery/3–148: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


718. For Douglas from Lovett. Dept has followed with interest your comprehensive reports on London discussions and we consider you have presented US position most effectively. While important differences were to be expected from initial exchange of views, we hope that before recess other participants will be impressed with sense of urgency called for by present events. Coordination of policies in Western Germany would seem to be first immediate step required for furtherance Western European integration.

Confirming our telephone conversation1 we authorize you to indicate when occasion arises that US can undertake no commitments re French Zone under ERP until we obtain corresponding commitments re closer French association in US–UK organization of Western Germany (urtel 787 Mar 12). Respecting urtel 788 Mar 13 and Dept’s 696,4 we reiterate that bizonal participation should not be in the CEEC ministerial meeting but in the working group which will follow. [Lovett.]

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