Editorial Note

No documentation concerned specifically and solely with the administration of the United States zone of occupation in Germany is included in this volume. The basic principles and objectives of occupation policy were set forth in the Directive to the Commander in Chief: of United States Forces of Occupation of Germany (J.C.S. 1779) which had been sent to General Clay on July 11, 1947, by the Joint Chiefs of Staff after approval by the State, War, and Navy Departments. For the text of the Directive and the statement made to the press on the occasion of its publication, see Germany 1947–1949, pages 33–41, Department of State Bulletin, July 27, 1947, pages 186–193, or A Decade of American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents, 1941—49, prepared at the request of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations by the Staff of the Committee and the Department of State, Senate Document No. 123, 81st Cong., 1st sess., pages 552–562. Documents relating to political structure, law, administration, economic policies, and educational, informational, cultural, and religious developments in the United States zone of occupation in Germany in 1948 are included in Germany 1947–1949 and in James K. Pollock, James H. Meisel, and Henry L. Bretton (eds.), Germany Under Occupation: Illustrative Materials and Documents (Ann Arbor, Michigan: George Wahr Publishing Company, 1949). Authoritative accounts of United States occupational policies and activities are contained in Clay, Decision in Germany and in Litchfield, Governing Postwar Germany. Guy A. Lee, Guide to Studies of the Historical Division, Office of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany (Management and Budget Division, Office of the Executive Director, Office of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, December 1953), lists more than thirty historical monographs covering most aspects of occupation policy in the United States zone. Of particular note in connection with activities in 1948 are J. F. J. Gillen, Deconcentration and Decartelization in West Germany 1945–1953, John G. Kormann, U.S. Denazification Policy in Germany 1944–1950, and J. F. J. Gillen, State and Local Government in West Germany, 1945–1953. The planning in 1948 for the transfer of responsibility for the occupation in Germany from the Department of the [Page 1286] Army to the Department of State is described in some detail in Chapters I and II of Guy A. Lee, The Establishment of the Office of the U.S. High Commissioner in this same series. Events in the U.S. Sector of Berlin are described in the official volume A Four Year Report: Office of Military Government U.S. Sector, Berlin: July 1, 1945–September 1, 1949 (Berlin: Public Relations, Statistical and Historical Branch, Office of Military Government, Berlin Sector, n.d.).