740.00119 Control (Germany)/12–2148: Telegram

The United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy) to the Secretary of State


2950. Three Western commandants met today in Allied Kommandatura building for first time since Soviet walkout June 16. Ganeval presided and at session’s close read to assembled press a formal declaration announcing resumption of work of “Allied Kommandatura” whose work has “been in suspense owing to the refusal of the Soviet authorities to attend its meetings” which “cannot any longer be allowed to obstruct the proper administration of Berlin, according to the law”.

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Declaration holds door open to resumption of quadripartite administration at any time Soviet authorities decide to abide by quadripartite agreements. Announcement concludes that Western Allies will exercise powers of Allied Kommandatura, although Soviet obstruction will make it possible for them to carry out decisions in Western sectors only for present.

In opening meeting (20th meeting of the year) Ganeval said he did so “without particular emotion” and noted continuing presence of photographs of all four commandants on walls. No business of importance was transacted. Supplementary allotment of coal and kerosene was granted for Christmas holiday to make possible additional household lighting.

Sent Department, pouched London, Paris, Moscow.