740.00119 Council/2–2848: Telegram

The Ambassador hi the United Kingdom ( Douglas ) to the Secretary of State


781. Delsec 1591. From Reber. Proposal contained in Deptel 665 February 261 discussed with UK and French delegations today. Both were of the opinion that it was already too late in these meetings to suggest the presentation of the views of any other country. They fear that if Italy is authorized to make such a presentation others will legitimately request similar privilege. It also appeared doubtful to them whether any such presentation of views could in fact have any real value in influencing the trend in Italy or in strengthening the position of the present government. If the fact of such exchange of views was kept secret it would not be helpful in the elections and if it became known such other governments as Norway, Denmark might wish to be consulted as well. It was clear that the British also had the Dominions in mind.

It was agreed however, before the close of the present meeting to consider the question of informing Italy and a selected group of other governments of the results of the meeting and of suggesting that if they preferred they could inform the US, UK and French Governments of these views before the next session if one was agreed. Discussion on the matter would however depend upon the final outcome of the current talks. [Reber.]

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