740.00119 Council/2–2748: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas) to the Secretary of State


772. Delsec 1589. Following is unofficial translation text proposal by French Delegation regarding Ruhr.1

  • “(1) An international regime shall be set up for the Ruhr mining and steel industries.

    “The question of the international ownership of the Ruhr mining and steel industries is reserved.

    “The net profits of the operation of mines and steel works shall be turned over to German authorities or bodies according to terms to be determined.

  • “(2) The mining industry or steelworks of the Ruhr shall be operated under an international authority including representatives from the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Benelux as well as German representatives.
  • “(3) The functions and responsibilities of the international authority shall be those of a board of directors and include:
    • “(a) Appointment of, general managers and heads of departments in the mines and steelworks.
    • “(b) Approval of general plans of production, programs of investment and financial policy of the industries.
    • “(c) Powers generally concerning communication, verification and investigation.
  • “(4) The international authority shall be responsible for the distribution of coal and coke production as between German domestic consumption and exports. In this respect the authority shall insure the observance of existing and future allocation agreements. The international authority shall insure the enforcement in the Ruhr area of the provisions concerning prohibited and limited industries.
  • “(5) Should its powers prove inadequate, the international authority may seek assistance from the allied bodies controlling the armed [Page 98] forces stationed in German territory in order to guaranty the enforcement of its decisions.
  • “(6) During the current period of occupation the international authority shall he under the control of the commanders in chief in charge and the regime shall be modified accordingly.”
  1. The text that follows was circulated by the French Delegation at the Fourth Meeting of the London Conference, February 27; for the report on that meeting, see telegram 774, February 28, from London, infra.