740.00119 Control (Germany)/8–2448: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union 1

top secret   us urgent

1006. For the Ambassador Eyes Only. In our immediately following telegrams2 we give you suggested additions and omissions in the draft [Page 1073] communiqué and directive submitted (your 17293) following your meeting with Stalin and Molotov and comments on Western German Government. We have however, the following general comment to make on the proposals as a whole.

We are very much concerned that these drafts do not contain any confirmation of the principle of quadripartite administration of the city of Berlin. We understand that it was not intended that you should seek in these agreements a written confirmation of our general right but had hoped that this principle would find reflection in the arrangements regarding currency. Our general impression is that they appear to be consistent with the Soviet thesis that currency and trade in the city of Berlin shall in the future be primarily under Soviet direction with some small measure of Western participation through the Financial Committee whose powers and functions, however are not clearly defined. Indeed Molotov in stating so clearly his objections to including the word “quadripartite” anywhere in the agreement expressly and definitely confirmed this basic point.

We recognize that the present drafts represent a considerable Soviet concession on certain points, but they do not satisfactorily meet the issue which we have from the beginning regarded as fundamental and controlling.

As long as the Soviet representatives continue to maintain their thesis that we have no rights in Berlin but are there, in effect, on Soviet sufferance, there is obviously no basis for a satisfactory arrangement with them on the Berlin question. Any such arrangement would be subject to the two conflicting interpretations and hence would be unworkable. This fundamental difficulty could be met by any one of the following alternatives:

inclusion in communiqué of an appropriate statement by the three Western Powers;
a communication from the three Western Powers to be published.

In the circumstances, we feel it is essential that either there should be included in the communiqué or conveyed in writing and preferably in a joint aide-mémoire from the three Western representatives a clear statement of our position and understanding that the arrangements made for lifting the blockade in Berlin and dealing with the currency question are without prejudice to the co-equal rights, duties and obligations of the four occupying powers in Berlin. This communication in writing should be delivered to Molotov or Stalin prior to any agreement on the communiqué or the directive to go to the Military Governors.

[Page 1074]

We feel that in sending the directive to the Military Governors, they should be instructed to report back to their Governments within one week, whether in agreement or not, so that the Governments could then decide whether or not to extend the time-limit. Otherwise we fear that the discussions in Berlin might drag on for too long a period.

In the event of an agreement involving the directive to the Military Governors, we agree with the text of the interim announcement contained in your 1716,4 agreed to by Stalin.

  1. Repeated to London as 3361, Paris as 3291, and Berlin as 1513.
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