740.00119 Council/2–2648: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas) to the Secretary of State

top secret

746. Delsec 1583. It seems most likely that if any progress whatsoever is to be made toward a greater measure of understanding concerning; Germany some assurances in regard to security against Germany must be put forward. As we have not yet discussed this subject with the French we do not yet know their requirements in this, respect but it is clear that without some understanding on this phase of the problem the security aspect will be injected into the consideration of every other issue. The Benelux in today’s meeting1 brought out the [Page 95] importance of the demilitarization guarantee. Whereas we agree that a three power disarmament and demilitarization treaty against Germany is unrealistic and does not correspond to the present requirements of the situation, might we be authorized, however, to put forward this idea as a suggestion to the French to be developed if we find it would give them any real satisfaction at this stage? In spite of the fact that no control could be exercised over areas under Soviet domination, this limited measure of reassurance against the possibility of western German aggression and its demilitarization provisions might prove helpful to the French and the others. If we do not discuss demilitarization and disarmament on a three-power basis there is at present no contribution we can make toward the solution of the security question. It will be appreciated that the limited time left at our disposal makes this matter more urgent and we would appreciate an early indication of your views.

  1. For reports on the 3rd meeting of the London Conference, February 26, see telegrams 745, Delsec 1581, and 744, Delsec 1582, February 26, from London, pp. 91, 92.