740.00119 Control (Germany)/6–2348: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union

top secret

711. Following signal sent Army Dept by General Clay June 21:

“Recent Sov actions restricting highway and railway travel to Berlin appear to make it essential that our Govt take its proposed step to protest through our Emb in Moscow. Of course, Sovs will reply that steps are necessary to prevent inflow of currency. That, however, we are prepared to prevent on our military transport. I believe we were prepared to protest but held back because Brit were not ready to join us. However, as matters now stand additional restrictions are being added and we have not as yet protested governmentally. I do not expect protest to change conditions but it seems to me it should be placed on the record.” Following is State-Army reply:

“Do not believe it is opportune to send note to Sovs at this time, particularly in view of previous Brit and French lack of support for this proposed step. (Your signal CC 4805.) Unilateral action our part would simply invite easy and obvious answer from Sovs and would reveal lack of unity. Deterioration in Berlin situation is being considered by State and Army in connection with over-all Sov policy; which may become apparent after Sov and satellite meeting being held under cloak of Cominform. We are following matter closely here and would welcome your further views and current info re essential Berlin developments.”