740.00119 Council/2–2348: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Douglas ) to the Secretary of State


684. Delsec 1569. First meeting three power talks on Germany opened today in India Office, Foreign Office, with Strang, Massigli and Douglas present. It was agreed that the chairmanship of the London session would remain with Strang in the chair.

Agreed minimum of publicity desired and if publicity desirable at any point, conferees will agree on careful limits on it letting each delegation talk within these limits. Agreed press be informed invitation to Benelux countries has been sent. US proposed to give background and agenda to press.

Following agenda adopted after slight discussion:

Association of Benelux countries in policy regarding Germany.
Relationship of western Germany under the occuping powers to the European recovery program.
Role of the Germany economy in the European economy and control of the Ruhr.
Security against Germany.
Evolution of the political and economic organization of Germany.
Provisional territorial arrangements.

Agreed to issue invitation1 with agenda attached to Benelux countries to take part in discussions at close today’s meeting and for Strang [Page 83] to personally approach Benelux with explanation that matters involving items b, e and part of f (trizonal fusion) involved zonal operation and therefore not subject to discussion at this stage.

Strang proposed setting up of mechanism in Germany where Benelux countries could be in close touch with military government to receive information first-hand. French and US expressed some hesitation and consideration of proposal postponed. Meeting adjourned until tomorrow with item two [b] to be firstly discussed.

  1. The text of the invitation to the Belgian, Netherlands, and Luxembourg representatives, document USD/G/L/48/2, February 23, 1948, is printed infra.