Editorial Note

In document TRI/22 (Final), May 26, 1948, entitled “Trizonal Export/Import Policy” (page 289), subsequently included as Annex J to the Report of the London Conference on Germany, June 1 (page 309), the American, British, French, and Benelux Delegations to the London Conference agreed that the external trade of the French Zone of Occupation should be conducted through the American-British Joint Export Import Agency (J.E.I.A.). It was further agreed that discussions should be opened forthwith among the American, British and French authorities with a view to reaching agreement on French participation in J.E.I.A. The documentation presented in this section deals with the closing stages of the discussions called for in document TRI/22 (Final) and other matters related to the larger question of trizonal (U.S.-U.K.–French) fusion.