Editorial Note

At their meeting on December 16, 1948, the United States, British, and French Military Governors approved document TRIB/P(48)17, December 17, 1948, entitled “Directive on Organization of the Military Security Board”; see the notes of the meeting prepared by Ambassador Murphy, supra. At that meeting, the Military Governors tentatively agreed that the Military Security Board would hold its “first meeting in Berlin on December 21, and representatives of the press would be informed at that time of the Board’s establishment. Convening of the Military Security Board and publication of the Directive were delayed, however, while the British and French Governments reviewed the document. Final formal approval of the Directive was given by the Military Governors at their meeting in January 1949, at which time a press release was also agreed upon. For the texts of the statement to the press and the Directive, as issued on January 17, 1949, see Germany 1947–1949, page 102, or Department of State Bulletin, February 6, 1949, page 195.