740.00119 Control (Germany)/12–1548: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


4768. Although Dept had previously hoped that Mil Govs’ differences re Occ Stat could be settled by diplomatic exchange rather than by meeting at govt level, Joint Report2 prepared 17 [16] Dec meeting Mil Govs at Frankfort3 reveals so many differences remaining in draft Occ Stat that meeting at govt level required to resolve them. Anticipate that meeting should be brief, that Holmes and Trimble will represent US, that they will consult directly by telephone with Clay and Murphy during talks.

In Dec 27 note Brit have suggested Jan 10 as date of meeting. If date satisfactory to you (Urtel 5255, Dec 154), pls inform FonOff accordingly.5 Detailed instructions will follow.

Berlin: Pls request OMGUS send rep to assist Holmes, should this prove necessary.

Also request OMGUS transmit copy CC–7107 Dec 186 and CC 7063 Dec 127 to Mil Att London for Holmes. Also send Holmes at once final draft text Occ Stat with disagreed portions as well as any other material that might be useful. Would appreciate your suggestions re instructions to London.

  1. This telegram was repeated to Berlin as 2018 and to Paris as 4941.
  2. Ante, p. 650.
  3. Regarding the Military Governors meeting of December 16, see message CC–7108, December 18, from General Clay at Berlin, p. 640.
  4. Not printed, but see footnote 1 to telegram 5226, December 13, from London, p. 640.
  5. Agreement was eventually reached with the British to hold the meeting on January 18, 1949.
  6. Not printed; it transmitted the text of the Report of the Military Governors to the Governments (CFM Files, Lot M–88, Box 121, File—Occupation Statute, Cables).
  7. Not printed; it described and commented upon the disagreements with the British and the French regarding the draft occupation statute. These disagreements are reviewed in the Report of the Military Governors on the Occupations Statute, December 17, p. 650.