740.00119 Control (Germany)/11–2148: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas) to the Acting Secretary of State


4940. Ruhrto 11. For State and ECA.

Informal discussions held today with British, French and Belgian delegations regarding relationship IAR to OEEC. Problems were presented without any indication position of USDel with respect to whether views of IAR should be incorporated in programs before presentation OEEC or presented informally to OEEC after programs submitted by German authorities. Necessity of avoiding interference with programming functions OEEC was stressed.
Other delegations obviously had not given detailed thought to problem and unprepared to give final answers. British after initial discussion leaned to position authority’s views should be reflected in preparation OEEC programs before submission OEEC, subject during control period to authority military governors. France, Belgium [Page 525] gave no immediate reaction but requested time for consideration. In view absence Alphand, French view probably not available until Monday earliest.

All agreed importance of problem and need for clarification to avoid later difficulties.

Sent Department 4940, repeated Berlin 600.