740.00119 Control (Germany)/11–1148: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

4824. 1. On arrival in London yesterday afternoon1 I was met with “stink bomb” in announcement Instrument of Trusteeship.2 In view of strong French protest (Paris 5823, November 10, repeated London 12273) I believe they will undoubtedly seek to place subject on agenda Ruhr discussions which open this afternoon and may demand its modification as sine qua non to their participation. Moreover even though they do not take any extreme position, at first blush I don’t see how conference can duck discussing the decision stated in the preamble of the trusteeship instrument. In view of this, I feel that matter should have urgent consideration in Department in order that there may be speedy decision and definite instructions sent to us here.

2. I understand the trusteeship arrangement is to become effective immediately.

3. You know all the nuances of the situation.

  1. Ambassador Douglas had been in Washington briefly on consultation.
  2. The reference here is presumably to the announcement of Military Government Law No. 75 on the reorganization of the German coal, iron and steel industries; see the editorial note, p. 465.
  3. Not printed. It reported that Foreign Minister Schuman had urgently called Ambassador Caffery to his office that evening to hand him a communication energetically protesting the action of American and British occupation authorities in issuing U.S.–U.K. Military Government Law No. 75 (862.60/11–1048). In his telegram 5836, November 11, from Paris, not printed, Caffery reported that in handing the communication to him, Schuman had observed that the three governments appeared to have been cooperating in the matter and expressed incredulity that the Americans and British would face him with a fait accompli just two days before the convening of the London Conference on the Ruhr. Schuman warned that the Communists and Gaullists would surely exploit the announcement. (740.00119 Control (Germany)/11–1148)