740.00119 Control (Germany)/10–648

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Secretary of State1

top secret
Participants: Secretary Marshall
Mr. Schuman, French Delegation
Mr. Bevin, British Delegation

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mr. Schuman then requested that the negotiations regarding the Ruhr should be opened before the end of October. I asked if he was referring to the drafting of the charter and he said he was.

Mr. Bevin suggested that we were so busy now that it could not well be taken up before the middle of November. Mr. Schuman agreed. I agreed.

A discussion then followed as to where the meetings were to take place. Mr. Schuman was inclined to Paris, Mr. Bevin to London because the American Ambassador was our leading representative in the discussions and his man was there, and there were now too many activities in Paris. I commented on the fact that there were three matters to be settled having a general relationship to each other. Two of the meetings were now scheduled for Paris.2 I thought the Ruhr meeting should be in London. Mr. Schuman agreed.3

G. C. M[arshall]
  1. The meeting took place at the French Foreign Ministry, October 6, 3:30 p. m. Secretary Marshall, Foreign Secretary Bevin, and Foreign Minister Schuman headed delegations to the united Nations General Assembly then meeting in Paris.
  2. Presumably the two other meetings under reference were the meetings of the United Nations Security Council devoted to consideration of the Berlin question and the six-power meetings regarding foreign investment in Western Germany.
  3. The united States, United Kingdom, French, Belgian, Netherlands, and Luxembourg Governments subsequently mutually agreed to open the conference on the Ruhr at London on November 11.