Editorial Note

In a note of June 19, not printed, Ambassador Bonnet informed Secretary of State Marshall that the French Government, with the approval of the French National Assembly, formally accepted the London Conference recommendations on Germany. The note called attention to the National Assembly’s reservations to the recommendations, set forth the text of those reservations, and announced the French Government’s intention to seek solutions which coincided with the views of the National Assembly (740.00119 Council/6–1948). Telegram 2308, June 19, to London, repeated to Paris and Berlin, not printed, observed that in transmitting the note, the French Embassy had pointed out that no conditions had been attached to the French acceptance and that the necessary instructions had apparently been sent to the French Commander in Chief in Germany to enable him to proceed with the application of the recommendations (740.00119 Council/6–1948). In a note of June 21, not printed, the Secretary of State acknowledged Ambassador Bonnet’s note and observed that instructions had been sent to General Clay to concert the necessary measures with the British and French Military Governors in Germany in order to accomplish the implementation of the London Conference recommendations (740.00119 Council/6–1948). For the text of the French National Assembly’s order of the day (resolution) setting forth its reservations to the London Conference recommendations, see Journal Officiel, Débats, Assemblée Nationale, June 1948, page 3578, or Keesing’s Contemporary Archives, 1948–1950, page 9376, or James K. Pollock, James H. Meisel, and Henry L. Bretton, eds., Germany Under Occupation: Illustrative Materials and Documents (Ann Arbor: George Wahr Publishing Co., 1949), pages 267–268.