740.00119 Control (Germany)/4–748: Telegram

The United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy) to the Secretary of State

top secret

806. Personal for Saltzman and Hickerson (Eyes Only). Reurtel 591, April 3.1 There seems little basis for Bérard’s indignation at alleged refusal to discuss the territorial arrangements.

In mytel 800, April 7, giving text of working party report on governmental structure,2 paragraph 10 sets forth the US, UK and BE position as follows: “The question of redrawing the Land boundaries should be referred to the Germans as part of the constituent process under specific directions to be agreed among the allies.” Subsequent parts of paragraph 10 establish certain principles for redrawing of land boundaries. The last session of working party was held at the specific request of the French who indicated that they might have some additional suggestions to offer on this question. When the meeting was convened, however, the French merely maintained their previous position. [Page 169] It seems to us that it is more a case of French reluctance to commit themselves in Berlin and that Bérard’s indignation is merely a cover for this attitude. It should be further noted that three delegates were in agreement on the general principle of redrawing land boundaries and that the French were alone on this.

Sent to Department at 806; repeated to London, personal for Douglas, as 117; to Paris, personal for Caffery, as 142.

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  2. The telegram under reference is not printed; for the text of the Final Report of Working Party No. 5, document MGC/P(48) 8, April 9, see p. 170.