740.00119 Control (Germany)/4–348: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy)

us urgent

591. For Murphy Eyes Only. French have made three approaches, including visit by Ambassador, objecting to Litchfield’s proposal (urtel 7311). Your telegrams indicate that question of actual timing of establishment western German government has been left to Ambassador’s conference. We agree with this, subject to possible announcement prior to Ambassador’s meeting of intent to establish western German constitutional government to match possible Soviet announcement. This question is further dealt with in separate telegram2 dealing with London’s 73 to you.3

Dept disturbed by your reports concerning French reluctance to grant Germans necessary authority, and French stepping back from previous position with new proposal for rearrangement German States on basis analogous size and population. According to Bérard of French Emb here, French Govt considers it most desirable to reinforce separate identity of States to combat drawing power of Berlin under later Communist Govt. He mentioned French proposals (1) to transfer Ruhr from Rhine to Westphalia to break up industrial complex; (2) to reconstitute old Rhine Province, and (3) to set up separate State of Palatinate. Bérard was indignant at Litchfield’s refusal to discuss territorial arrangements until governmental matters settled.

To prepare ground for next Ambassadors’ meeting Dept is willing to engage in strong talking with French here, and will welcome info and comments supplementary to your recent telegrams.

Sent USPolAd, Berlin as 591; rptd London as 1159 personal for the Ambassador.

  1. March 31 from Berlin, p. 155.
  2. Telegram 1158, April 3, to London, supra.
  3. London’s 73 under reference here is the same as telegram 1330, April. 2, from London, p. 163.