Document Prepared in the Department of State1

Recommended Assignments for the Delegation, Third Session, United Nations General Assembly

[Page 15]
The Secretary of State Chairman of the Delegation
Opening policy Statement in Plenary Session
Direct Negotiations with Heads of Other Delegations
Committee I (Political and Security):
Berlin (if raised)
Ambassador Austin Deputy Chairman of the Delegation
Security Council (President during October)
General Committee (General Assembly Agenda and Procedure)
Committee I (Political and Security):
Report of the Security Council
Atomic Energy
Regulation of Conventional Armaments (if raised)
Article 43 Forces (if raised)
Mr. Dulles Committee I (Political and Security):
Continuation of Interim Committee
Article 51 Agreements (if raised)
Mr. Dulles Committee IV (Trusteeship):
All subjects, assisted by Mr. Sayre
Mrs. Roosevelt Committee III (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural):
All subjects, assisted by Mr. Cohen on Freedom of Information
Mr. Jessup Security Council
Committee I (Political and Security):
Italian Colonies
Promotion of International Cooperation (Interim Committee Report)
Palestine (if raised)
United Nations Guard (if raised)
Mr. Cohen Committee I (Political and Security):
Admission of New Members
Treatment of Indians in South Africa
Geographical Distribution of Security Council Seats
Revision of Italian Peace Treaty (if raised)
Committee III (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural):
Assistance to Mrs. Roosevelt on Freedom of Information
Ambassador Atherton Principal Political Officer
Committee I (Political and Security):
Relations of Members with Spain
Mr. Thorp Committee II (Economic and Financial):
All subjects
Joint Committee II and III (Economic and Financial; Social, Humanitarian and Cultural):
All subjects
Mr. Gross Committee V (Administrative and Budgetary):
All subjects, assisted by Mr. Rusk and Mr. Hall
Committee VI (Legal):
All subjects
Legal Adviser to the Delegation
Mr. Sayre Committee IV (Trusteeship):
All subjects, assistance to Mr. Dulles
  1. Forwarded by the Director of the Office of United Nations Affairs (Rusk) to the Secretary of State on September 3, and approved by the Secretary.