501.BB/8–1348: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


530. Dept notes with satisfaction conversations held with representatives of UK, Canada, France and China on July 28, 1948, pursuant to Deptel 480.1

Dept has considered position of UK as set forth in Osborn’s conversation with Cadogan on August 112 and in various communications from British Embassy. In Dept’s view position taken by them does not lead to advisability of changing Deptel 480. Confirming telephone conversation Johnson to Osborn therefore, Dept suggests consultations with all members of AEC majority pursuant to Deptel 480.3

British Embassy has been informed today4 (a) that USUN will discuss joint sponsorship with all members of AEC majority; (b) that Dept hopes that after seeing its memorandum of August 75 the FonOff will liberalize its instructions to Cadogan; (c) that it will be [Page 388] extremely helpful to Dept to have more detailed information as to the GA plans of the FonOff, since information thus far received does not convince Dept as to advisability of changing its position.

  1. Telegram 480 to New York, July 27, p. 368.
  2. Supra.
  3. The memorandum of the telephone conversation under reference, August 12, indicates that Johnson communicated to Osborn the instructions contained in the present telegram. Osborn expressed doubt as to the wisdom of contacting other delegations until the British position was cleared up. (Department of State Disarmament Files) However, in telegram 1029 from New York, August 18, Osborn reported that all majority delegations except Syria had been consulted regarding debate on atomic energy in the General Assembly and the possibility of joint majority sponsorship of a resolution similar to that which had been submitted by the United States in the Security Council (for substance of the latter resolution, see telegram 382 to New York, June 11, p. 347). Osborn stated that all consulted delegations “show real enthusiasm and should hear from their governments shortly.” (501.BB/8–1848)
  4. The information was actually transmitted by Raynor and Johnson in a conversation with Denis Allen, Counselor of the British Embassy, on August 12 (Department of State Disarmament Files).
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