501.BB/7–2748: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


480. For Osborn.

U.S. objectives with respect to GA consideration of atomic energy question are:
By gaining GA approval for the First and Second UNAEC Reports, to make them UN reports, thus formalizing the achievements of the UNAEC and establishing the basis for further action looking toward international control whenever such action shall be undertaken.
By gaining GA approval for the Third UNAEC Report, to make clear the nature of the impasse and the responsibility therefor, thus bringing the moral pressure of world public opinion to bear on the dissenting minority.
UN countries other than those in the Soviet orbit and those presently members of UNAEC are being approached by our Missions on basis of atomic energy circular airgram,1 which is being communicated to USUN. It is believed desirable that you inform other delegations of the UNAEC majority of this initiative.
It is believed that the most effective strategy toward reaching the above objective would be for the nine members of the majority of the AEC (with past members of the majority if possible) to introduce jointly a resolution early in the debate along the general lines of the SC resolution, with possible additions. This would carry over into the GA the complete solidarity which has so successfully been maintained in the AEC and in SC, and would minimize the effectiveness of Soviet propaganda in this field.
It is suggested therefore that you consult with the other eight members of the majority of the AEC in an effort to secure their joint sponsorship of a resolution along the following lines:

The General Assembly,

Having received and examined the First, Second, and Third Reports of the UNAEC,

Approves the General Findings (Part II C) and Recommendations (Part III) of the First Report, and the Specific Proposals of Part II of the Second Report as constituting the necessary basis for establishing an effective system of international control of atomic energy in accordance with the terms of reference of the UNAEC and,

Approves the “Report and Recommendations of the AEC” (Part I) of the Third Report of the UNAEC.”

These consultations should commence at the earliest possible time, so that the Department will know exactly where each member of the majority stands as to GA consideration. In these consultations you are authorized to state that this government is prepared to give strong support through diplomatic channels to your proposal for joint sponsorship of the resolution.
In your consultations it would be advisable to obtain the views of the other members of AEC re addition to above resolution of a paragraph along the following lines:

“Recognizes the grave dangers to international peace and security resulting from the absence of effective international control of atomic energy and calls upon all nations to fulfill their responsibilities to the world community by accepting the necessary basis for such control as approved by this body in second paragraph of this resolution.”

Please report these consultations fully to the Department.

  1. This circular airgram, July 26, not printed, contained an extended explanation of the United States position, including the intention to seek approval of the reports of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission by the General Assembly. Each mission was instructed to explain that position to its respective foreign government, and to “report promptly the extent to which the foreign government understands and approves the three reports as well as any aspects of special concern to such government.” (501.BB/7–2648)