Department of State Atomic Energy Files

Memorandum of Staff Conference, by the Deputy United States Representative to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission (Osborn)

Discussed this morning various possibilities for the handling of the Atomic Energy Reports in the General Assembly this fall.

Everyone agreed that the majority nations on the AEC must urge the General Assembly to approve the General Findings and Recommendations [Page 355] of the First Report; the Specific Proposals of the Second Report, and the Report and Recommendations of the Third Report. Anything less would represent a failure to endorse the arduous work of the Atomic Energy Commission and the action taken by the Security Council. It was felt, however, that the General Assembly might be unwilling to vote for the suspension of negotiations in the Atomic Energy Commission unless they could make some constructive proposal to accompany the suspension. It was suggested that after the General Assembly had voted approval of the first three Reports it might then, vote a resolution instructing the sponsoring powers to get together and report back to the General Assembly at its next meeting on whether they had been able to reach any basis for agreement. This would give the General Assembly a chance to keep its hands on the situation. It would put the onus on the Soviet for refusing further negotiations; or, if they did agree to meet with the sponsoring powers, it would be on the basis of the first three Reports.

It was agreed that this suggestion should be talked over with the Delegates of Canada, the U.K. and France.

Frederick Osborn