IO Files: US/A/AC. 18/28

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Charles P. Noyes of the United States Mission at the United Nations

Participants: Sir Alexander Cadogan, United Kingdom
Ambassador Austin, United States Mission

Sir Alexander advised Ambassador Austin at the Security Council meeting today that his Government agreed with Mr. Austin’s proposal made at the meeting of the Big Five; that they would be prepared to consult together again regarding any proposals which any one of the Five planned to present to the Interim Committee on the Veto problem. He said that the British Delegation planned to present a proposal to the Interim Committee containing the same program they had placed before the permanent members of the Security Council, namely, their suggested Code of Conduct, excepting for the omission of the last proposal regarding voluntary abstention. The United Kingdom [Page 225] considers that that problem has been quietly settled and that no further action is required.1

C. P. Noyes
  1. The United Kingdom proposal was circulated to members of the Interim Committee by the United Nations Secretariat in United Nations document A/AC. 18/17, February 10, 1948.