501.AA/4–748: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


196. Confirming Raynor-Noyes conversations, Dept’s further instructions on membership question follow:

In view Ukrainian action in requesting reconsideration satellite applications,1 action should be taken immediately to request reconsideration applications of Portugal, Eire and Austria. Would be preferable if request made by UK France and us but if other two reluctant to do so we should make request unilaterally. This may be necessary at least in case of Austria as in past France and UK have been unwilling to go as far as we have on Austrian application.
While, as you have been informed, we feel we can not object to the Ukrainian item being placed on agenda, we do feel we have every right to insist that our request covering Ital and Transjordan be acted upon first. Every effort should be made to accomplish that result. Otherwise danger of stalling is enhanced.
Dept feels US should cast negative votes on applications of Alb, Bui, Rumania, Hungary and Outer Mongolia, if this can be done [Page 190] without exercise of veto. Caffery advises French Del has been instructed in this sense. Brit and Chinese should be urged to do likewise. Please also consult Chinese on voting question.
Dept feels every effort should be made to have SC consider Ital and Transjordan applications Fri of this week and under any circumstances not later than Mon of next week.
Dept would be reluctant to vote against Finnish application and under certain circumstances would be disposed to vote favorably thereon. However if all other applications are blocked Dept would be reluctant to see Finland alone approved and under such a contingency would probably desire to abstain. Instructions therefore on Finland can not be finalized pending developments but above is given to you for guidance.
  1. This request was printed in United Nations document S/712, April 5, 1948.