501.AA/4–148: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


178. Confirming Raynor-Noyes conversation Dept feels UK-French-US proposal for reconsideration Ital and Transjordan membership applications should be made by letter addressed to Secy Gen on Fri or Sat this week. If SC approves calling special session1 today letter should include ref to calling of special session. If this action not taken today letter should ref to probability of special session and should immediately follow our letter requesting SYG poll members. In either instance letter should tie special session concept to fact that special provisions in GA resolutions on Ital and Transjordan have not reed adequate SC consideration. Dept feels discussion in SC must take place no later than Fri Apr 9. You are granted discretion whether or not to refer to that specific date in letter to Secy Gen. Dept feels invitation for Big Five consultation on this matter should immediately follow dispatch of letter to Secy Gen.

  1. A special session of the General Assembly was proposed to consider the Palestine question.