501.AA/3–1248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


133. Please discuss urgently on confidential basis with principal UN Reps of U.K., France, Belgium, Canada and China question of Ital application UN membership.

You are authorized to base discussion on frank statement of importance forthcoming Ital elections (Apr 18) and vital importance that Communists do not win or indeed substantially increase their strength in these elections. Therefore in Dept’s opinion no stone must be left unturned to block Communists. With French, Brit and Belgians you could add this even more important to them than to us. Under circumstances it will be most embarrassing for Soviets again to veto Ital application. Thus present would appear to be most likely time foreseeable future obtain favorable SC recommendation Ital application. If application approved West would gain the credit in Italy. If Soviets should again veto effect thereof would not fail to injure seriously Communists in coming elections. A third veto could be determining factor in election. You could point out Soviet recent action advocating contd Ital control former Ital colonies has greatly strengthened Communists in Italy.2

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Dept realizes present may seem artificial time membership discussion SC and in light of past history may be necessary precede SC discussion by five-power consultations. Answer to argument this is artificial time is that as stated above it is time most likely to achieve approval Ital application. Furthermore Dept feels vitally important to proceed and to obtain backing of states mentioned above. For your background we feel if above states go along there is no question but that Argentina would do likewise and seven favorable rotes thus be assured.

Dept also realizes may be necessary to consider all pending applications, on which its position unchanged except if Finland arises should be referred to Dept. In fact recent Czecho developments3 make it more important than ever that states such as Hungary and Rumania not be admitted.

Dept feels reason which could be advanced publicly for bringing up matter this time is special provision in GA resolutions on Ital and Transjordan applications which calls for immediate reconsideration during the then meeting of the Assembly. Argument would be time did not then permit detailed reconsideration and matter was put over pending Big Fire consultation. Argument would continue that SC has not therefore given sufficient weight to the urgent character of the provisions cited in those two resolutions and that it should remedy this situation at once.

In discussions you should attempt to obtain definite and quick responses to the following points: (1) Will country consulted go along with us? (2) Will country consulted agree to bringing up of matter at this time as to Italy and Trans Jordan only based on the special provisions in GA resolutions concerning those two states? (3) If matter broadened will they stand firm in opposing satellite applications other than Finland? On Finland, what is their present position? (4) In order to play down US-USSR struggle aspect would Brit and French agree to join with us in presenting this request (a) for consultation and (b) no matter what outcome this consultation immediate SC consideration? Immediate action is necessary as to be effective in Italy. SC itself should act not later than last week March.4

  1. For documentation regarding the political situation in Italy, and the question of the disposition of the Italian colonies, see vol. iii, pp. 816 ff and pp. 891 ff.
  2. For documentation regarding the political changes in Czechoslovakia, see vol. iv, pp. 733 ff.
  3. Instruction to Department’s code room: “Please repeat to London, Paris, Nanking, Brussels and Ottawa with the additional statement: Foregoing is for you info in event matter raised with you after reference to Govt to which you are accredited by their UN rep.

    “Also, add to telegrams to London, Paris, Brussels and Ottawa the additional statement: Will you also, on your initiative, discuss this matter with Govt to which you are accredited, explaining it is being raised in New York as well.”