IO Files: US/S/377, also US/SEC/71

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Deputy Secretary-General of the United States Mission at the United Nations (Power)

Participants: Mr. A. Cordier, United Nations Executive Office [Secretariat]
Mr. Thomas F. Power, Jr., United States Mission

Mr. Cordier told me last evening that during the day the Secretary-General had received a telegram from Foreign Minister Clementis in reply to his request for credentials for Houdek signed by Clementis and Beneš. Clementis had said that neither Papanek nor Kerno had held credentials signed by Beneš. The Czechs did not think such credentials were necessary, but, without prejudice to the future, they were sending credentials for Houdek signed by the President and himself. Credentials Would arrive by mail.

The Secretary-General has now abandoned further attempts to inform Papanek that his credentials have been superseded by those of Houdek, since Papanek has refused on three occasions to accept such letters from the Secretary-General.