Memorandum by Mr. Richard H. Post of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs19


The following excerpt is presented from Weeka dated August 8:

“Widespread subversion discovered existing among enlisted men in Caracas garrisons fomented 70% by local Communists …

“Maracay mutiny last month now believed by General Staff to be similarly Communist inspired. Delgado Chalbeaud20 states his belief this subversion not aimed to achieve Communist coup but to embarrass weakened government generally. Entire development not published yet but being hushed. 37 sergeants arrested this connection to date. Plot discovered in San Carlos barracks Caracas. As one result Ministry National Defense has organized Disciplinary Company vicinity Eldorado far south Orinoco River in area used past penal camp. This is very positive and to knowledge this office first step toward real punishment guilty military personnel.”

A further note on Communism in Venezuela: the Constitutional Assembly took a very firm attitude in quashing an attempt of the two [Page 1061] Communist delegates to create trouble during its sessions July 21–July 26.

  1. Addressed to Messrs. Mills and Wells of NWC.
  2. Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, Venezuelan Defense Minister.