The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Venezuela

No. 3815

The Secretary of State refers to previous correspondence regarding the investigation of certain individuals alleged to be involved in a [Page 1060] revolutionary plot against the Venezuelan Government and transmits copies of two letters18 on this subject which were recently sent to the Attorney General. One letter, dated July 15, 1947, expresses the Department’s approval of the immediate prosecution of those who have been charged with the theft of United States Government property, including Karl J. Eisenhardt. The other letter, dated July 28, expresses the desirability of preparing the remaining cases for prosecution but requests the Department of Justice to issue no process against persons who are not of American nationality without prior consultation with the Department.

The Venezuelan Embassy has been informed that the Department of Justice has turned over the cases against the four individuals mentioned in the Department’s letter of July 15 to the competent District Attorneys and that hearings will commence before a Grand Jury in Augusta, Georgia, and possibly Miami, Florida, probably in late September or early October. The Embassy expressed its satisfaction.

The progress of these hearings will be communicated to the Embassy at a future date.

  1. Not printed.