831.00/9–1247: Telegram

The Chargé in Venezuela (Maleady) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

363. All Caracas barracks and those La Guaira area alerted early this a.m., as were presumably all others throughout country. Traffic being rerouted in all streets adjacent Caracas cuartels. Military guards are dressed full equipment. Radio stations under guard. Armored and other military cars in evidence all downtown streets. Approximately twelve well-known civilians including Director Geology in Ministry of Fomento, Victor Lopez, arrested.

Some informants state show military force made intentionally by administration in Junta to impress populace and prevent attempt break up meeting here at which Gallegos’21 presidential candidacy to be publicly proclaimed tonight. Others feel alert occasioned by matter mentioned mytel 361, September 11, 4 p.m.22

Reports of uprisings at various places outside Caracas wholly unconfirmed.

Miraflores Palace source states situation under control and has promised furnish me full details this noon.

  1. Romulo Gallegos, candidate of the governing Junta.
  2. Not printed.