The Chilean Embassy to the Department of State

No. 535/59

The Government of Chile desires to obtain, in the United States of America, the war matériel indicated in this Memorandum. The plan for acquisitions, concerning which the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army31 has already spoken with Colonel Cleland, Military Attaché of the Embassy of the United States in Santiago, and, also, the Head of the Chilean Military Mission32 with the Department of War in Washington, takes into consideration the minimum elements for the instruction of officers and troops, in accordance with the Army’s needs for preparation.

The list of war matériel which the Government of Chile proposes to purchase from the Government of the United States, on the terms of payment and time-limit on delivery indicated, is as follows:

[Here follows list of war matériel.]

The matériel and arms must be of the model which the United States Army will keep in use, and not obsolete, for that would completely destroy the idea of standardization.

Munitions. Weapons must be provided or furnished with a 30-day supply of ammunition, and in accordance with the estimates and provisions made by the United States Army.

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Spare Parts. Spare parts must be added for those parts which the United States Army has determined, through experience, to be the most indispensable.

Financing. Conditions of long-term payment, in order to determine whether the economic possibilities of Law 7144 could meet the commitments being made through the acquisition of the aforesaid matériel.

Time for Delivery. It is of the utmost importance that the Army have the munitions at its disposal as soon as possible.

The Government of Chile has informed this Embassy that it would like to obtain the agreement of the Government of the United States to these acquisitions, in order that the respective contracts may be signed by Major General Guillermo Barrios T., Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army, during the official visit he will make to the United States at the end of the present month of March.

Washington, March 4, 1947.

  1. Maj. Gen. Guillermo Barrios.
  2. Col. Milciades Contreras.