825.248/2–2147: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Chile


93. Urtel 130 Feb 21. Total sales price air force interim program Chile approximates $2,000,000. Of this almost $900,000 worth consists [Page 519] aircraft and parts already flown to Chile now assigned to air mission pending sale and transfer.30

Chilean representatives here requested 5 year credit for purchase this equipment but informed this Govt’s policy not extend credit interim arms sales. FLC has, however, offered take payment for $1,000,000 worth in Chilean pesos to be used for acquisition real estate needed by this Govt in Chile. Details on this offer now being discussed with Chilean representatives by FLC here.

Chile indicated could pay 25% of total price air equipment, or approximately $500,000, in cash dollars.

  1. Department’s telegram 430, August 29, 1947, to Santiago, indicated that Chile had agreed to pay Chilean pesos equivalent to $616,293.66 for aviation equipment in the hands of the United States Military Air Mission in Chile (825.24 FLC/8–2947).