821.001 Dutra, Gaspar/10–1447: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Durbrow) to the Secretary of State


3033. Brazilian Ambassador sent word in strictest confidence this afternoon about latest developments following strong protest note he addressed Foreign Office October 10th about libelous article against President Dutra (Embtel 2985, October 413). Brazilian note so worded as to make it impossible to deny that press controlled by government in USSR. Note also indicated that Brazilian Government demanded satisfactions and that “in interest of continuing reciprocal good relations” efforts be made to prevent such a matter from happening again.

This afternoon note was returned under cover of third person note from Foreign Office, curtly refusing to accept accusation against Soviet Government contained in note, and ending with statement to effect that transmission of such a note did not indicate desire of Brazilians “to continue reciprocal good relations.”

Ambassador plans leave shortly and thinks it probable his government will break relations.

Ambassador asked particularly that this information be held in strictest confidence.

Department pass Rio de Janeiro.

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