732.61/10–1647: Telegram

The Chargé in Brazil (Key) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

1434. Mytel 1422, October 14.14 Foreign Minister informed me this morning that in view of unsatisfactory Soviet reply to protest lodged Brazilian Ambassador Moscow Brazil decided to break relations with Soviet. He then handed me following communication which in translation reads as follows:

“In strict secrecy, I have the honor to communicate to Your Excellency, that, since the Soviet Government has refused any satisfaction for the insults printed in Moscow against the Brazilian Armed Forces and against the President of the Republic, the Brazilian Government is taking the necessary steps to break diplomatic relations with that Government, which will probably be consummated within 2 days.

“In the imminence of this event I beg Your Excellency to transmit to the Department of State a request to assist us in assuming protection for Brazilian interests in the Soviet Union, especially lending aid [Page 397] and assistance to the personnel of the Brazilian Mission so they may leave the territory of that country without difficulty or vexation as well as in transmitting to us the communications from our Mission which latter will be unable to transmit through its own facilities.

“With my sincere thanks in anticipation, (signed) Raul Fernandez.”

Would appreciate earliest possible instructions since Foreign Minister has asked that if possible our reply be communicated to him tomorrow.

Department pass Moscow.

  1. See footnote 12, p. 395.